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Turlough O'Sullivan

Director General of IBEC.

"To contemplate undertaking a project of such magnitude is a tribute to Marianne's vision and single-mindedness not to mention her generosity and courage.

It is the sort of life altering project that will put her in a very special category of people who have not been limited by the usual boundaries that we confront in our lives. I have absolutely no doubt but that her dream will be fulfilled and I wish her every success.

I am delighted to be associated with the TATA Challenge as a Patron and IBEC will be very happy to support her in whatever way we can.

IBEC believes that it is right that business should have an interest in the overall welfare of society because what is good for business is good for society, and vice versa. For too long, business ploughed a lone furrow pursuing its objectives without thinking too much about issues like disability and the obstacles faced on a daily basis by those affected by it"