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Caroline Casey

Legally blind Irish woman who trekked across India on Elephant,
Founder of the Aisling Project - www.theaislingproject.org

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"When I first met Marianne I was struck by her vision and determination. There are many people who have dreams or adventures but very few who see them through into actuality. Marianne has that rare drive, commitment and passion which is required to see a project of this scale succeed.

I believe that the establishment of an equestrian centre designed specifically for riding for the disabled is of incredible importance. The Aisling Project is committed to the TATA Challenge and is proud to be associated with it.

I offer Marianne my continued support and hope others will do the same. Not only is this adventure a wonderful example of human spirit but it will result in the establishment of an invaluable asset for children with disability to feel a sense of adventure and fun, which they, like any child, fully deserve"