Argentina, Rojas : 15th July 2002

Tusa speaking. I know this is very much overdue but I hope everyone out there will have patience with us and realize how difficult it is at times to find the time for our home-work - that is letting everybody know how we are getting on and what we´ve been up to in general. It´s not that we don´t want to share our experiences but you know how it goes…

A lot of changes and things that had happened since I last wrote to you and I will share these with you. With my last diary entry (of July, 2002) we had just arrived in Salto. Only Miss M and I and we stayed at the house of the Plazibat family for two days. I had a very relaxing time in the back garden (more like a field) and across the fence I made friends with some scruffy looking ponies who were in desperate need for some different (and interesting my I add) company.

Miss M was welcomed into the family with open arms and was well-fed and looked after. She shared a room with a very friendly 12-year old girl called Sarah who was practicing her English and who was delighted for the chance to show off what she's been learning at her English school. Sarah also told her English teacher about this foreign girl traveling with her horse so Miss M was asked to go and have a chat with all the other kids at the school. After a short introduction from Miss M, telling them the why´s, when´s and how´s, she was bombarded with questions. The first thing they wanted to know was her age (this became an anticipated and quite regular question during our travels) and I believe they even enquired about the number of years I´ve been spending on this earth. I´ve never been vain so it didn´t bother me one bit that they got this information about me. I have better things to worry about. (But I won´t burden you with these just yet).

Miss M was delighted as well when a few days later she got e-mails from some of the kids from the school, wishing us good luck. The local television station got word that a beautiful looking horse had arrived in their town and that evening two men arrived with cameras de lux. Miss M (I am sorry to say) needed a friend of the family to do some proper translations but it all went quite smoothly. I was a bit surprised that they didn´t come out to see me (I was the main attraction after all) but Miss M told me later that the lack of light inhibited them from doing so. I´ll take her word for it but I still think a simple "hola" would have been nice. But I am not a horse who dwell on these kind of things….

After out stay in Salto Miss M and I continued to travel together as a duet but she sensed that I was tired from being ridden every day. Having had to carry Miss M (I won´t comment about the amount of sweet things she´s been having since we met), the saddle-bags, tent, two ponchos (one for warmth and the other for rain) and mate-bag (will tell you later what this is for) didn´t help matters much and Miss M knew the only way to prevent me from burning out before we´ve even completed a month´s riding is if we become a trio again.

Hope you will log on soon again to know what happened next!

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