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Date:   Monday, April 28, 2003
Country:   Dublin,Ireland

Hope all is well - been thinking of you oddles lately as I struggle with pathetic suitcases for miniscule journeys around Europe - Im such a wuss in comparison to your "loca" self!

Suerte queriedita



Email:   Nicola.Horgan@IBEC.ie

  Carlos Jimenez
Date:   Thursday, April 24, 2003
Country:   Venezuela

hola, te escribo porque admiro mucho lo que haces, te he visto dos veces en tus caballos y me parece que eres muy valiente estar bajo el sol inclemente de venezuela en una ruta que pareciera no tener final, te vi dos veces cuando iba y venia hacia caracas; yo andaba viajando para ese entonces, te deseo mucha suerte y quisiera que tengas en cuenta que aqui en venezuela tienes un admirador mas asi cuidate mucho.

Email:   lpitaparatodos@hotmail.com

Date:   Friday, April 11, 2003
Country:   Dublin


Just checking!!!!

See I do have a look every now and then!!

Keep the faith!!


Email:   lturloughosullivan@yahoo.com

  fallon guthrie
Date:   Sunday, March 30, 2003
Country:   venezuela

i think that it´s very interesting this big trip you are making!!!!!!!!!
carefull with lots of creapy amimals that you could find when you come in to venezuela.. we will be waiting for you here.
take care..

Email:   la_bebita_bella69@hotmail.com

  Chapaux Vincent
Date:   Thursday, March 27, 2003
Country:   Puerto La Cruz - Venezuela

Do you remember me. We met one week ago in San Francisco, on the road from Santa Helena to ciudad Bolivar. You were looking for a restaurant, and we were camping just next to. Anyway, this mail to warn you that it seems really, really difficult to find a cargo boat from Venezuela to Central America. We have been trying for a while... and nothing. Perhaps you want to rent your personnal boat, wich of course should be easier but if not....
Well anyway if you have any information about this problem or any suggestion or solution... send a mail.... I'll do the same as soon as I have news. But we will probably forced to go and look for a boat in Colombia.


Your web site is really impressive BUT OURS TOO www.arnoetvince.be.tf!!!!

Email:   chapauxv@hotmail.com

  Nigel George
Date:   Tuesday, March 04, 2003
Country:   Australia

I have met this amazingly adventurous and talented woman in Manus, Brazil. I am amazed at what she is undertaking and wish her well for this good project.

Email:   nigelgeorge@hotmail.com

  Felix Herrero
Date:   Monday, February 24, 2003
Country:   Buenos Aires - Argentina

Hace unos pocos minutos te envié un 'mail'. Aquí te reitero mis mayores votos de éxito y te envío las mejores ondas para que tu 'raid' sea una de tus más gratificantes experiencias de vida.
Como decimos aquí en mi país.

Email:   suplecuestre@suplecuestre.com.ar

  Fiona McGrath
Date:   Thursday, February 20, 2003
Country:   Dublin, Ireland

That's gas Marianne. I just here to say hi and then I see the message below from Michelle in Chicago who I met recently in Cruises pub in Ennis with her friends. The word about you is spreading! Get ready for the paparazzi! happy trotting - speak soon - Fiona xxxxxx

Email:   fiona@tatachallenge.com

Date:   Sunday, February 16, 2003
Country:   Dublin, Ireland

Ms. Du Toit

Ta shay mahogany gaspipe!!

This is old Irish for "**%%#@!±*

>From your chronicler!


Email:   turloughosullivan@yahoo.com

Date:   Tuesday, February 11, 2003
Country:   Shropshire, U.K.

Keep going lass,your'e doing a great job. I'm in the early stages of planning a trek myself from Argentina to Seattle,USA for sometime in October. So your problems in Peru are a great help to me especially at the planning stage. Most probally the problems I will meet with will be of benefit to others following on behind. Etc..etc..etc. Anyway take care and I for one will be following your trek.
Ride on..ride free.

Email:   brynstevensondavies@hotmail.com

Date:   Tuesday, February 11, 2003
Country:   Lisbon, Portugal

Hi Marianne!
Just heard about your trip and I just wanted to wish you all the best. I think what you are doing is absolutely great!

Email:   marta.franca@usa.net

  Michelle Block
Date:   Thursday, February 06, 2003
Country:   Chicago, IL USA


I recently met your friend in Ireland, Fiona, and she told my friends and I all about you and this trip. I think it's great what you're doing.
Keep it up!! Oh and we met Connor, Fiona's 9 month old son, he's a doll. I think he took a liking to us 'American' girls.

Email:   michelle.block@rrd.com

  Shawn Doblado
Date:   Tuesday, February 04, 2003
Country:   Alpine, California

I'm sitting at our ranch here in sunny Southern California wondering what your experiencing at this moment and wishing you and your sturdy mounts are in good health. I just sent you an e-mail and hope when and if you have time I'll hear from you. I plan to keep my wife and sons informed of your journey and we all love and support what your doing

Nos Vemos: Shawn

Email:   shawn@ranchodoblado.com

  André Alkema
Date:   Thursday, January 30, 2003
Country:   Pretoria, RSA
Message:   Marianne, Rea het my vertel van jou toer deur die Amerikas.

Jy't 'n netjiese en interessante kubertent.
Ons hou jou dop.

Ek het net één boodskap vir jou: KOP HOU, KOERS HOU, UIT HOU EN MOED HOU!

Vriendelike Afrikaner groete.


Email:   ajalkema@lantic.net

Date:   Sunday, January 19, 2003
Country:   Ireland
Message:   Now you see I have visited your site more than once!!

Keep up the good work!!!

Beware of aliens who may visit the site!!!



  Kris Stanton
Date:   Wednesday, January 8, 2003
Country:   USA
Message:   Hello marianne, I just came across your web site, and i think your a wonderful person to do this for the childern. have a fansastic trip and Gods Speed.
Email:   equifly@earthlink.net

Date:   Saturday, Dec 21, 2002
Country:   United Kingdom
Message:   Marianne- Ek het jou guts en adventurous storie in die Rooi
Rose /Sarie? (helaas mans lees dit ook soms!) baie geniet- as diplomaat verstaan ek jou wanderlust goed. Ek dink wat jy aangepak het en die motivering daarvoor is moerske inspirerend vir baie mense wat twyfel of hulle werklik 'n verskil kan maak vir die planeet en sy mense. en dis verfrissed om te sien IEMAND volg 'n droom erens. Travel Well!!
Email:   barnardiw@foreign.gov.za

  Jacques Pointer
Date:   Saturday, Dec 7, 2002
Country:   RSA
Message:   Liewe Marianne

Was in die wildtuin toe ek jou gesprek op RSG gehoor het en ek moes dadelik net meer weet, in Skukuza het ek darm n Rooi Rose kon kry en het dit alles weer oor en oor gelees...Dis Amazing wat jy doen... wens jy het n chatroom.
..dat n mens met jou kon chat oor wat jy doen en so aan dit klink na 'n wonderlike droom wat jy uitleef...wens ek kon dit deel...
Ek wens jou alle sterkte toe met jou tog...

Hoop die feesgety is goed vir jou en jou 2003 Fantasties...!!



Email:   gentle_giant_m@hotmail.com

  Joanna Crell-Folger
Willowind Therapeutic Riding and Driving Center
Date:   Thursday, Dec 5, 2002
Country:   Los Estados Unidos

Dear Marianne,
I have just talked with CuChullaine from the Long Riders Guild who told me of you. I know we will meet someday, what you are doing is near to my heart. My friends also journeyed across america last year and I met with them for the last part of their travel. We had gotten to know each other through writing and found that through our love of horses and need to do something important with our lives that we were kindred spirits.

I have built a center here on an island in Maine that is all about inclusion, it was built by the loving hands of our community and is growing by the work we do. You can acomplish your dream, like mine it starts in only a field with a vision. I have many friends that share our energy and hope, and full belief in the power of taking your message on the road and walking with it. Eventually you will find your way home and every life you have touched will be a part of your plan, the changer and the changed.

As my friend Michael Muir says," the value of hope is priceless..."

Stay well and go

Email:   emailwillowind@acadia.net

Date:   Thursday, 5December 2002
Country:   Poland
Message:   I just came across the article about you in DHL magazine
and loggged on to this website. Truely magical journey, at least from the perspective of a receptionist stuck in the office in the periphery of Europe which is in Ireland.

All the best Marianne, I will be following you on the 17 " computer screen (how exciting).
Give my love to Me and You
Email:   monikakrecioch@yahoo.

Date:   Monday, 2 December 2002
Country:   Ireland
Message:   This proves I have read the diary!!!!!

Look out for my email of today 2nd December 2002.

Much love



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