Equestrian Centre

Riding is thought of as one of the most beneficial forms of therapy the disabled can receive. It helps to build self confidence, improve concentration and self-discipline, and provides an added recreation and sport into the lives of the disabled. People with a disability are part of society and must not be viewed as a marginalised group. All over the world, the success of riding schools for the disabled is mainly because horses give unconditional love to anyone. Unlike society they do not care how you look, and what you can do, if you show trust in them, they will trust you too.

Benefits of riding
The exercise involved in riding helps to develop balance. The riders' flexibility is developed as their position changes once they are on a horse. Riding is a natural way of getting hip movement which is not experienced when sitting in a wheelchair

Riders with cerebral palsy have little conscious ability to relax, but relax spontaneously on horseback and with that relaxation become capable of more movement in the saddle

Friendship with an animal can be very precious to riders, especially those who are very immobilised or blind

For those who are autistic riding is relaxing and gives them enjoyment. It is difficult for these students to conform and they don't cope well with change. The special training methods and the consistent structure will help them with their progress

The physically disabled benefits with the development of better balance and posture, strengthening of muscles, and improvement in confidence.

The benefits to the intellectually disabled as improvement in confidence, coordination, sequencing, concentration, tactile skills, and interaction with the horses and other people.

The aim of the TATA Challenge is ultimately the construction of an equestrian center outside Dublin, Ireland, dedicated to affording specifically children with disabilities increased opportunities of interacting with horses. Marianne has an vision of this center to be a place where riders will have first and foremost fun. She wants it to be a place where they will feel comfortable and accepted. Riding and the interaction with the horses must be something they look forward too and get excited about. Marianne also envisages an equestrian center where it is not only about riding but also a chance to be involved with the care, comfort and well-being of a beloved horse or pony.




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